"What our customers are saying"

Timothy Embler

TriStar Creations LLC

I am confident using Cliffsupport. They understand the issue and troubleshoot to locate even uncommon problems.
“ I approached Cliffsupport because a colleague recommended them to me. I was in the process of switching all of my servers from being Centos Cpanel based to Ubuntu with Webmin. Adjusting the scripts and making modifications and ongoing tweaks to the servers to get everything just right took some time and Cliffsupport stayed on top of it for the duration. Most support/administration companies only want to work on Cpanel servers because a script does just about everything. It takes a talented team to be able to work on any linux variant with or without a control panel. I would recommend Cliffsupport to any company that does not want to babysit system administrators and expects the task(s) at hand to be done properly the first time. ”

Jose Espinoza


CliffSupport has been outstanding and I am 150% Satisfied!!! With CliffSupport, I know that I'm in great hands. No matter the issue, no matter the need...I can rest easy knowing that I have a team of experts waiting to assist me 24/7!!
The CliffSupport team has shown expert-level support in every area that I have had problems with. This ranges from Advanced Linux System Administration, PHP, Web Applications, WHM/cPanel issues, WHMCS installation and debugging, CDN issues, Security Hardening and etc.
I know that with whatever challenges I run into with my Server, I have 100% confidence that the CliffSupport team will be able to resolve it.
Less downtime, less time 'waiting' to see if a problem could be fixed. Less time out of my schedule to address emergencies that I may not have been capable of resolving on my own. I'm also able to run certain scenarios by the team in order to get their feedback. This way, their input helps me to make critical business decisions that impact the services that we offer to our customers.
Every single time I have submitted a request, the CliffSupport team has gone above and beyond to satisfy the request. If they cannot for some reason, they do everything in their power to do so. They never try to get out of satisfying a request. They only strive to do the very best that they can. Other providers look for shortcuts or are very lazy and want to get out of doing any work.

Ozren Orlic


“ Our company has been CliffSupport client for last two years. Linux administration is also our full time occupation but there is some issues or emergency situations when we need help from experts with more experience in administration that can solve the problem fast and precisely. There was several very demanding tasks for CliffSupport admins in the past and we have always seen very organized and high professional team of admins with lot of knowledge and experience. And not less important, CliffSupport admins are persons with strong professional ethic so you always can be sure that your data are safe, carefully treated and absolutely private.
CliffSupport have our full recommendation for all new customers. ”

Carol & Andreas Bochmann


Our first contact with Cliffsupport requested a Red5 installation and server hardening. Further contacts, satisfaction with their service and a tailor made offer made us switch to Cliffsupport for all server administration needs.
Excellent - if success should not be immediate, Cliffsupport doesn't give up, but continues to work on the problem.
The team is available 24/7, reaction time is astonishingly short, the communication is patient and polite, even though we are no experts and might drive supporters at Cliffsupport nuts with our questions.
We definitely recommend Cliffsupport. If you don't know what you are doing as Admin - they do. ;-) They are fast, reliable and have seemingly unending patience for your concerns and questions. ”

Erwin de Brueijs

Robohost, Netherlands

“ Quick solutions to immediate problems are crucial to our company as our customers expect near 100% availability for their e-mail and website. After disappointing experiences with other companies (that all seemed to excell in 'automated answers') we're glad we found Cliffsupport as they provide us with the support to achieve this uptime. ”

Canfone.com Inc

Montreal QCH2Y 1L5, CANADA

Thanks to CliffSupport for their wonderful customer service as well their technical guidance. I have been a client from almost the very beginning of their venture.  I started my association with them by the end of 2007 and has been continuing with them for the sole reason that they have been reliable,honest and very much competitive in their field. No matter what happens they have been calm and composed and helped me to solve even very critical issues. My experience with them has always proved to be fruitful for my business and their technical experts are very knowledgeable and friendly. If technical expertise and customer relations  weren't so good I wouldn't have stayed this long with any company. I shall recommend them to any customers who like to depend on their company for various server administration needs.
All the best CliffSupport !!

smith barry
Barry Smith

W3 Web Designs Limited

“I would just like to say that I have been using Cliffsupport as my primary server management company and to date I can only say good things about them. For me being a layman when it comes to servers, I rely on their knowledge of my server and I also rely on fast service and a quick turnaround time and Cliffsupport are totally satisfactory in all these aspects of my requirements. They also go the extra mile which for me is always a good sign of a business. ”

Michael Russotti

Nuasoft Web Services

I have been using CliffSupport for years. Their staff are very knowledgeable, highly professional and courteous. I would have no hesitation in recommending them for your server monitoring or technical support needs.

Jorge Coelho

Winstep Software Technologies

“When I hired Cliffsupport to manage my server I had no expectations on how far they would go to manage my server, or what is 'the norm'. I still don't, because I have nothing to compare them to other than my previous host.
But let me tell you this: they did make a couple of mistakes in the beginning, so it's always a good idea to double check their work, BUT they more than made up for that in terms of dedication.
Every single time I had a problem and I reached out to them (and twice this happened on weekends!) I would have a reply within minutes and they would start working on the problem immediately after that. They never gave up until the problem got fixed, no matter how long it took. They reminded me of Pitbulls (lol): once they bite, they don't let go.
As I said, I have nothing to compare them to, but let me give you another example: I needed CDOSYS working on my server so my scripts could send me emails (the scripts were previously set to work with ASPmail).
First they installed a trial version of ASPMail to get things going. Cliffsupport could have washed their hands right then and there, and I would have had to pay for an ASPMail license. But no, they got CDOSYS working, spent some time diagnosing and fixing some initial mail authentication issues with it, and actually went as far as modifying my scripts for me.
That, in my book, is dedication.”

Ray R


Every problem was identified and solved without asking , the response and resolve time in Amazing.
i loved the services, does not matter who attended me but the issue was solved the major issue that would take days was solved in 24 hrs , offcource becos of the offpeak ors they had to work on.
overall Amazing.