Security auditing

Security auditing should be a must practice for production servers. Auditing help you to identify attacks (successful or not) that pose a threat to your network, and attacks against resources that you have determined to be valuable in your risk assessment.  Our audit team examine your website pages, applications and web servers to find security weaknesses and vulnerabilities that would give hackers an opportunity to do damage. If your servers or web applications are compromised, hackers can gain complete access to your data and play with it. To prevent this kind of hacking attempts we install necessary firewall and security software’s on the server. But these software’s should be updated at regular intervals, as there may be patches available for them. Here comes the importance of the server auditing. Also the audit will check the user applications on the server for any vulnerable scripts that may cause server threat.
Get the most complete website security testing, the fastest assessment and reporting, detailed instructions for the correction of vulnerabilities and access to our security professionals for assistance. Our detailed audit report provides you with specific recommendations that will resolve issues that are discovered which can be software updates, operating system patches, kernel upgrades or service tweaks.

Our server audit service comes at 25 per server per month