Server disaster recovery

In the web hosting industry, where everything in saved in the virtual field, disasters can happen at any time.  This can be caused by a Harddisk on the server going faulty or a member of your IT staff accidentally removing the wrong file, or even hackers activities. Hardisk failures are a real   nightmare for server owners.

There occurs certain unforeseen situation where the data on the server will be corrupted and it needs to be recovered or transferred to a new hard drive, with minimum time. We can take up this job where we will help you in recovery of data that got corrupted.  Our highly qualified system administrators help you in transferring the data from a failed hardisk to a fresh one. Data recovery process can be undertaken on servers running with a control or without a control panel.


  • Restoration of accounts from backup
  • Harddisk Cloning to keep make sure new server is having same configuration
  • Data restoration and management of 3ware raid controller
  • Restoration of data if the primary disk failed to boot