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We know how much important it is for your customers to speak with a person when there is an emergency. CliffSupport can now handle your phone calls to make support much easier and faster. All the call-center operations are based in our US office in Maine. You will have English speaking native US techs to handle your calls. Techs are trained to handle L1 issues and basic pre-sales. All L2 and L3 issues are escalated to our admin team in India. Our Indian and US offices work hand in hand, so the escalations will be faster and smoother.

You can either route your number to us or we can provide you a dedicated phone line on sign up. We will pick the calls with a customized welcome message to make your customers at ease. Our agents are trained professionals who can respond quickly to their questions in an efficient way.

  • Native US speaking techs, calls handled from our US office. Maine, US phone: 1-207-373-9003
  • Dedicated phone number
  • Personalized welcome message
  • 24/7 Coverage
  • Handles L1 support and basic pre sales
  • Detailed call logs*

Reports include basic call management reports including number of calls by hour, length of call, abandon rate, average call length, answer speed, average call waiting, average abandoned call waiting time, percentage abandoned, disconnected and maximum answer minutes; this will allow you to track performance and volume as based on data generated from our database.

Level 2/3 escalated to higher desks.

Pre-paid Plans Per Minute Total Package Cost
200 Minutes $1.69 $338
400 Minutes $1.59 $636
800 Minutes $1.49 $1192
1500 Minutes $1.39 $2085
Over 1500 Minutes Custom quote  
* Setup fee - 89