Company news

CliffSupport was a part of Resellerclub HostingCon December 2015, Mumbai.

January 2016

CliffSupport was an active participant in the event HostingCon 2015, held in Mumbai on December 11 and 12. The company was well planned and has taken this opportunity to its full potential. CliffSupport was excited to be attending the event last year and look forward to participate more such events in the coming years.

CliffSupport has updated an insight into the event through Newsletter published in the month of January.

Infrastructure adds up new standard to cliffsupport

October 2015

Cliffsupport which is a subsidiary of Syntrio Technologies Pvt. Ltd has now moved to a space with the state-of-the-art facilities to cater to its client needs. The company Syntrio Technologies has taken a very big step to rise up to the requirements of its customer base. The complete shifting has taken in the month of October. The company expects this will add a new standard to working toward its clients.

New addition to CliffSupport services

December 2015

Open ERP, now known as Odoo is an open source enterprise management application. Our installation and configuration support of all Odoo versions is an additional service being added and offered.