Hourly administration

Are you facing with some urgent complicated issues  with your server? Or do you want to find a spammer or hacker in the server? Or are you looking for a safe software update?
Our On-Demand hourly administration services by highly experienced admins are right here for you.


Low as 25 per hour
  • 24X7 Admin Availability
  • 30 Minutes Response Time
  • 6 Monthly Validity
  • All Unix AND Windows Platform Support
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

What type of works are covered under Hourly Admin Services?

  • All Unix/Windows Tasks
  • Initial Server Setup
  • Control Panel Installations
  • Performance Tuning
  • Firewall Installations
  • Identifying and Controlling Spamming
  • Hack Attempt Analysis
  • Server Migrations
  • Third Party Software Installation
  • PHP Upgradations
  • Any Software Upgradations
If you are not sure about your requirements, Please talk to our Admin.
If you think you need a large pool hours, Talk to us for a better pricing.