Complete server solution

We have pioneered a complete server solution, one of the best in the support industry. This plan offers more than what you would expect from the word 'solution',from server monitoring to resolving unlimited server issues. We are confident our plans would be one of the most feasible and appropriate being offered in the industry.

59 Server/Month*
* Additional $75 One time Setup fee

Operating systems and other features

In this plan we would support Linux/Windows Operating systems and Virtual servers using openvz/xen/KVM technology. Puppet which is a configuration management system will be used for server management which will in turn enhance the quality and timeliness of our service. Nagios will be used to monitor all services, change in critical configuration files and server logs for different types of attacks and to resolve the issues at the earliest with minimal effect on the services you are providing. Our monthly report would help you to analyze your server stability and quality of the support extended.

Puppet configuration

We use Puppet for configuration management of your server infrastructure. Using Puppet either you can define or let us configure the desired state of your IT infrastructure and achieve and implement it. It will help us to apply changes on all servers at the same time and reduce the time taken to implement the changes on multiple servers. Currently we are using Puppet to manage our internal servers and successfully supporting thousands of client servers / IT infrastructure.

Control panel support

We support cPanel, Plesk and Directadmin control panels. We will perform control panel updates and make sure your server is updated with current security patches 24/7. We have developed custom scripts to automate several control related tasks which would in turn increase efficiency.

Monthly statistics

We will be providing monthly statistics on,
Total number of tickets
Average response time / resolution time
Average number of replies/ ticket
This will help you to understand the workload and quality of our service.

Server security audit

Once you signup, a security audit will be performed on your servers to find out existing issues and security flaws. A detailed report will be shared stating the issues and changes recommended. On your confirmation, changes will be implemented on the server. The information sharing will help you understand the current state of your server and enable us to with your approval to upgrade the servers to a secure standard. To know more about our server security audit, please refer our service "server security audit package".

24x7 proactive monitoring

Nagios will be used to monitor all services like change in critical configuration files, server logs for identifying different types of attacks and to resolve the issues at the earliest with minimal effect on the services you provide your clients. Our custom nagios plugins enables us to detect any adverse changes occurring on your servers and act immediately to reduce downtime and minimize losses. Our admins are constantly working towards the development of new nagios plugins to automate tasks and monitor new services and execute tasks.

Backup configuration

We will help you to configure server backups as per your requirements. Backups will be monitored continually to ensure backups are up to date and accurate.

Unlimited tickets on server issues

In this plan you can submit unlimited tickets (L1,L2 or L3) irrespective of the complexity of the issue and ticket volume.

Server hardening

Based on the security audit report, the server will be hardened which will stabilize the server while improving the security. Listed below are few of the many steps that would help us to secure your server.

  • Stop unwanted services
  • Tighten firewall rules
  • Scan running processes
  • Install tools like maldet, rkhunter and chkrootkit
  • Update Kernel and other software if necessary

To know more about our server hardening procedure, please refer to our service "server hardening".

Disaster recovery

Once you sign up with us, it becomes our responsibility to assist you in any challenges related to servers / IT infrastructure. We assure you that you will have a one point solution resolution partner and won’t need to look for other options to troubleshoot your server difficulties due to hardware failure, kernel update or any other issues. Our experts will attempt to recover data and return the server to the working state. If it is not possible we will restore the accounts from the backup files irrespective of number of accounts and size. In case a new server needs to be set up, the initial set up and hardening will be included as part of the sign up process.

Response time and resolution time

We guarantee response time of 30 minutes and 4 hr resolution time on all tickets / issues.

Updates and security patches

The security patches and version changes of software’s will be monitored by expert staff and applied to the server to ensure the most current software version are installed to the latest version and does not have any known vulnerability.