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Why you should move to Cloud?
The key advantages of the CLOUD are availability, scalability, reliability, and cost. The cloud infrastructure is reliable and scalable.
With proper scaling up and scaling down, you can bring down your server bills by a considerable value. You can also save time and effort on disaster recovery and backups.


From identifying the need for moving to cloud to architecture designing, capacity planning, deploying, automation and management, we provide a full suite of solutions for Cloud Services.

With 24x7x365 support and access to experienced engineers, and uptime SLAs, CliffSupport multiplies the power of your team so they can focus on your next big project.

Cloud migration

We can assist you in migrating your current infrastructure to AWS. We will first analyze your current system and will suggest the right migration plan for you. Let it be databases, or custom applications or streaming media, we can get them moved to the cloud infrastructure with minimum hiccups and glitches.

Monitoring and audits

Besides the service monitoring to ensure maximum uptime without any down time, AWS needs constant performance monitoring to utilize the AWS power and functionalities to the fullest and to adept the vast cost saving opportunities it provides.

Periodic review of storage volumes, logs/ temp files, infrastructure usage and backups &DR are recommended for a smooth AWS ride.

Infrastructure monitoring and audits help us to plan optimum usage of resources, let it be number and type instances or HD choices or location.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides an on-demand, Cloud IT infrastructure which can be used as per our needs. We can make our cloud environment scale up it’s resources, say number of instances, or CPU or memory, as per the application needs. CliffSupport can help you to configure your cloud environment to auto-heal and auto-scale applications, and stage DR environments for rapid failover ensuring your applications are never affected with lack of resources.

Cost management

AWS, if not configured and monitored properly can attract a huge bill and we, with our vast experience and expertise can give you visibility and control of your billing.

AWS pricing is variable. It can be tweaked to a large extent to increase performance and reduce infrastructure cost. Also, A few common techniques that can be employed are monitoring the usage of servers, ensuring that the right applications are running on the right servers, using new low power servers, staying on top of latest tools and resources etc. On average, we will save you over 30% of AWS infrastructure cost. AWS frequently comes out with new tools that can be used to increase efficiency and reduce infrastructure cost.

We have a team of experienced cloud engineers who are updated with the latest happenings on a day-to-day basis, who can suggest you with improvisations and optimizations.


At CliffSupport, Security is considered and applied at every point of planning and deployment, not just "added" at the end.  In this era of attacks and data stealing, security needs to be beyond just firewall and antivirus.

Our security experts’ make periodic security gap analysis and act accordingly to ensure your data protection and your compliance standards.

Private cloud

Private Cloud is a single-tenant environment with your dedicated hardware, storage and network. We can assist you in setting up and managing your Private Cloud infrastructure. We have expertise in various cloud platforms.

Open stack

OpenStack is an open source cloud operating system that controls large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a datacenter, all managed through a dashboard.

Cloud stack

Apache CloudStack is open source software designed to deploy and manage large networks of virtual machines, as a highly available, highly scalable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing platform.

Open nebula

OpenNebula is an open source fully customizable, light weighted and scalable system for any private or hybrid cloud.

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